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Disruptions 2019

Performance at The Grey Space in The Middle during Divergent Convergence 1

Disrupting is a condition.

We constantly create disruptions. Daily. We disrupt from our conscious selves when dreaming; from our beloveds when leaving. Again we create disruption in our routine gestures: as separating the garbage as cutting a chicken filet to eat dinner. Actually, we ourselves, are a disruption: our internal digestive organs are there to metabolize a chicken filet together with all the rest of the garbage that, at the end of the day, needs to be expelled from the body. Still, we are scandalized by everything that recalls our fleshy nature. Is this why we create siliconate versions of ourselves? In order to forget that we actually are the same as that chicken filet? Which eventually will be garbage? First engorgement and then scattering and abjection. The artificial gummy plasm returns to its thick, sticky crudeness and escapes from its unbearable/irrecuperable shape; while tempting protuberances can degenerate into a mucous jumble of self-wetting flexible material. Still, we might find ourselves engrossed in a moisturized gelatinous idealization of the actual discomposing and disturbing event. Gestures and sounds emphasize us as bodily disruptors and recall the props as a fleshy enactment.

Artists: Raquel Sánchez, Greta Desirée Facchinato and Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni.


Photographies by Valentino Russo

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