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In-Corpore 2019

At Feyerabend Festival 2019, Korzo Theater, Den Haag.

 The performance In-Corpore touches on the concepts of incorporation, ingestion, and digestion. Our mouth gives the permission to intrude its cavity. Anything which is swallowed becomes the filling of our body: eventually its casting, the shell. We are like a living sculpture in constant absorption. To cast the body. To mold the body or to make another body molding? The body withdraws in the moment of its creation and by doing so the other is absorbed into a digestive system.

​This encounter is important, the presence of the Other, the body of the Other since it exists to serve the assimilation of oneself. The spiral of encounters and digesting is permanent, through banishment and reconfiguration.

​While some of the performers activate the elements of the installation the others configure its visual and audible outcome. The activated objects consist of shaped edible gelatins of different consistencies, flavors, textures, and colors which resemble different corporeal materialities such as viscous plasm, friable body tissue, soft flesh, or rubbery sinews. Insinuating more than illustrating these characteristics, the physical work is then experienced by subtraction. As a negative counterpart, the sounds produced are nothing but the phantasmatic product of the body detachment from its skin, its evasion.

15 min. Sound, tactile, and live video performance. Gelatin, food colorants, kitchen objects,


Collaboration with Greta D. Facchinato, Cristiana V. Bruni & Paulien Bekker.

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